Romantic, Practical and Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her and Him

W ith Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to start brainstorming gift ideas and special events. The perfect gift, of course, would be what your loved one has been longing for, something that he/she has put down in the wishlist.

If your gift recipient has specifically told you or sent clear signals about what he/she needs, this gift guide probably serves little value to you. You should probably go ahead and get what have been wished for. It will be a positive surprise regardless, because it shows that you have been caring and paying close attention along the way. 

In this guide, we’ve put together some gift inspirations, based on the best gifts others have received in the past and what people around me are talking about this year.  

I. Romantic and classic

1. Flower bouquets

Flowers have meanings. Embedding your message by picking specific types of flowers in the bouquet is the next-level romance. Check out this comprehensive guide for the meanings of different flowers and colors. 

Gentle reminder: it’s not unheard of that gift recipients don’t like fresh flowers. Sometimes this is due to the extensive care needed for fresh flowers. If you think your recipient may not appreciate the idea of fresh flowers, try dry flowers, which are long-lasting and can be used as décor objects as well. Alternatively, keep on reading this guide to find out more gift ideas.  

2.Accessories / Jewels

Accessories and jewels like bracelet and necklace are also never obsolete as Valentine's Day gifts. The stories behind the designs and creations add an additional layer of meaning, making them highly personal gifts.

(Image source: Cartier)

3. Home-made bakeries  

Homemade dessert is another classic gift for Valentine’s Day. After all, nothing expresses love better than ground-up creations with love. We found this article that details the recipe for 40 best Valentine’s Day dessert, check it out.  

(Image source: Ahead of Thyme)

II. Practical and lasting

If you opt for conservative gift options, go for something functional and durable. The values of those gifts do not dissipate as time goes by. Instead, your gift recipient may increasingly appreciate it as the comfort and convenience they bring unfold. 

1. Premium bamboo bedding

As we spend 1/3 of lives asleep, it will be nice to receive high-quality bedding that helps improve sleep quality and makes bedtime more enjoyable. One benefit of bamboo sheets is that the fabric is thermo-regulating, great for balancing out different sleep temperature between lovers. In addition, the gift is sharable and can be enjoyed by both the gift sender and the recipient. 

(Image source: Aeptom)

2. Fluffy blanket 

A soft and fluffy blanket can make movie nights, family time, or date night extra-cozy. After all, who doesn’t love being wrapped by a warm and cozy blanket and snugging with each other?  

(Image source: Aeptom)

3. Coffee machine  

For coffee lovers, a mini-barista machine will elevate the coffee making and tasting experience. Compared to espresso machine, a Barista machine allows the gift recipient to adjusts the flavor of coffee through grinding settings and practice latte art skills. 

(Image source: Breville)


III. Fun and Creative 

1. S’mores station

One of my favorite finds recently is this S’mores station from Etsy. Making s'mores wherever you go is simply endless fun. 

(Image source: SavonaWoodworks)

2. Fondue Set 

Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate. With this fondue set, you can dip anything in chocolate. 

(Image source: Crate and Barrel)

3. Private lessons 

Private lessons and new experiences are irresistible. There are tons of options available - from golfing, private flying, horse-riding to pottery lessons. Make your wild guess and pick one that you think your recipient will be thrilled by. 


IV. Gifts under $50

What's most important about gifting is finding things that others truly need and want. If you are on a budget, here are some ideas for elegant and practical gifts.

1. Scented candle

Who can say no to home fragrance, especially the truly unique and handmade ones? This shop on Etsy offers a wide range of scents, which have been highly endorsed by tens of thousands of customers.

(Image source: sweetwaterdecor

2. Silky pillowcase

Silky pillowcases are must-haves for beauty sleep. While mulberry silk is increasingly popular in recent years, the material is static-prone and often requires hand-wash. Bamboo fabric (aka vegan silk), on the other hand, shares the same smooth and soft texture that prevents fuzzy hair and wrinkles, but it is far less care-intensive.  

(Image source: Aeptom)

3. Couple’s journal

The Couple’s Journal is uniquely designed by Dana. It divides relationships into 7 sections, where couples can write down journeys in each scenario. Check out details of the content in the listing. 

(Image source: loveismyprotestco)