Tips for Decluttering Your Home for Peace of Mind

By Tracie Johnson, January 20 2022

Decluttering is a popular goal these days, but it can be hard to get excited about it. Your decluttering task may feel endless, but if you can start effectively and use the right tools for a set amount of time, you can make terrific progress.

Set the Mood

What do you want your home to feel like at the end of this decluttering session? Consider listening to music that feelsorderly. For example, you may love rock and roll to boost your energy, but classical may be more gentle on your nervous system. Consider listening to instrumental music that sounds tidy. The Bach Cello Suites are my favorite! Set a timer or use the music as a timer to make sure you don't wear out the decision-making muscle in your brain.


Clean, Organize and Declutter with the Right Tools

You will need three containers to start.

  • Use a basket for items that are in the wrong room
  • Use a box for things you want to donate or sell 
  • Use a plastic bag for trash


Work your way around the room counterclockwise and start sorting. Load the basket with toys, shoes, and books that have been left in the wrong room. If you find clothes that no longer serve or art pieces that really don't appeal anymore, put them in the box. Finally, be honest about what can't be salvaged; garbage is garbage and it has to go.


Your next steps are simple. Take the trash bag to the dumpster. Take the box to your vehicle so you can drop it off the next time you need to leave home. Take the basket around the house and put things away, or at least in the room where they belong.


Now that there is nothing in the space that doesn't belong there, it's time to create peace. Light a scented candle that appeals to you and place it in an open space so it becomes a focal point.


Strive to Create Focal Points

We all have objects that we like to look at. Now is the time to focus on these pieces. For example, if you have pretty candlesticks that you have stored forever. Set them out on a table or a shelf. Don't try to group them or create a cluster; let them be as they are. Wipe down the table, dust the candlesticks, and celebrate the simple beauty of a low-gloss surface.


Peaceful spaces tend to be soft to the eye. You may have mirrors opposite the windows in your space. You can avoid hard-edges and glare with sheers on the windows. You'll get just as much light without bold images. You can also add to the softness of your living space by getting out your favorite plush throw. Drape it over one end of the sofa as a focal point.


Decluttered Vs. Minimal

You don't have to be a dedicated minimalist to enjoy decluttering. It's perfectly acceptable to declutter to the point that your very favorite things can take center stage. You don't have to de-personalize your home to successfully declutter.


Clutter can either refer to an excess of stuff or a messy jumble of mismatched items. If you collect figurines, baskets, or glass, the key to being happy with your decluttering process may simply be paring down your belongings until those precious collectibles are truly standout pieces taking center stage.



The simplest way to declutter is to carefully guard what comes in your home in the first place. If you are a dedicated collector of a particular line of products, there's no reason you can't keep investing in those items. Simply make sure to make room for them and little else.