Tips To Stay Cool At Night


deep slumber is all we need after a tiring day. But what if our peaceful sleep is disrupted by hot flashes or night sweats? Hot sleepers often experience these pitiful events while sleeping. And if you find yourself in this unfortunate category, don’t worry because there are some tips to alleviate your problems. 

Sleep hot may not be that substantial for some, but it could be one of the many causes of sleep deprivation. From thick bedding to chunky night wear, there are a lot of factors that affect your sleep. Metabolism also plays a role, especially if you eat or sleep near bedtime. In some cases, this could be caused by fluctuating hormones as well, such as menopausal or hyperthyroidism. Furthermore, there could be underlying health problems like sleep apnea that causes you to sweat a lot.


While sleeping hot is considered a culprit of a good night's sleep, this is fixable ― with a few tweaks on your daily routine, bedroom setup, and sleeping essentials. Below are some of the things that you may need to alter to help you sleep comfortably without major disturbances.


Choose the right sleepwear  


If you’ve been having night sweats for a long time, perhaps it’s time to ditch your favorite pajama. Invest in a softer and cooler fabric that regulates temperature and pulls moisture from the body. Some of the best alternatives are clothing made from bamboo blends, mulberry silk, eucalyptus fiber, mint fiber and 100% cotton. Unlike synthetics, these fabrics are more breathable and moisture-absorbent so there are lesser chances of waking up at night dripping in sweat. 


You may also add a cooling headband to wrap up your sleeping look. This material is a valuable piece in absorbing moisture on your head and keeping you cool all throughout your sleeping cycle. 


Pick the right bedding 


Aside from changing your pajama, it’s also crucial to choose the right bedding. For hot sleepers, there are designated bedsheets that take moisture away from your skin. One of the most recommended fabrics is bamboo. With soft fibers and remarkable cooling properties, bamboo bedding    dispels sweat naturally. On top of that, the lightweight and silky feel of bamboo is more than enough to send you into dreamland. 


Other great options are cotton, eucalyptus fiber and linen, though the latter two are more favourable because they come with excellent absorbency qualities to keep you cool at all times. They are also lightweight and very soft, reducing the chances of sweating. 


In addition, don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right comforter. Breathable and cooling materials such as bamboo and eucalyptus-filled comforters are always more hot-sleeper-friendly than others. Merino wool and silk are less cooling, but they are also widely considered as temperature regulating. Down feather and poly-filled duvets, however, tend to overheat and thus are not ideal for persons that sleep hot. 


Bottom line is, for hot sleepers, synthetic materials such as polyester and microfiber should be a big no-no, as they are notorious for trapping heat and exacerbating overheat issues. Natural materials such as flannel and brushed cotton are also not the ideal picks for hot sleepers, as they are designed for extra warmth and coziness.   

Select a cooling mattress and pillow


There are other sleeping essentials to elevate your sleep, and these include a cooling mattress that offers a practicable solution for hot sleepers. This is such a steal, especially if you experience constant night sweats. The unique cooling materials integrated into the mattress to draw the heat away from the body. These primarily include cooling gels and wrapped wire coils, which are very useful in increasing the airflow. In addition to that, most cooling mattresses have foams that are softer and breathable, allowing you to catch some sleep comfortably. 


And of course, you can’t miss a cooling pillow! This lowers the temperature of the upper section of your body, from your head down to your shoulders. Not only that but most cooling pillows are designed to dissipate heat and wick away moisture. As a result, you can doze faster and enjoy a deeper sleep. For added comfort, you may wrap your cooling pillow with a bamboo pillowcase. As mentioned before, bamboo fabrics are specially crafted to provide a smoother and softer texture, making these two a perfect pair!


Avoid exercise before bed 


If you work out at night and you have a higher metabolism, there’s a higher tendency for your metabolic rate to affect your body temperature. These strenuous activities before bedtime results in a surge in activeness, an increase in heart rate, and a rise in body temperature. 


That is why exercise before bedtime is not recommended. Doing less before bedtime prepares your brain waves to ease up, your heart rate to slow down, and your body temperature to drop. But if you really have to work out, do it at least 3 hours before bedtime. This gives your body ample time to relax and ready your senses for the sleep cycle. 


The bottom line


While most of the tips above are approved by hot sleepers, there may be some that won’t work for you. If this is the case, you may need to consult a doctor to uncover the main cause of your night sweats and hot flashes. Basic cleanliness is also important, from keeping your pillows neat to changing sheets regularly. In time, you’ll see a vast improvement in how you sleep.