Bedding Material 101 - Bamboo
Bamboo has gained its popularity owing to its luxuriously soft and smooth texture. Softer than the finest cotton, the texture is only comparable to silk, while at a fraction of silk's price and requires far less maintenance. 
Bedding Material 101 - Cotton
Cotton bedding is popular due to many factors. This natural fibre is greatly versatile and soft. Most of the cotton bed sheets are highly breathable, durable, and easy to clean. 
Bedding Material 101 - Silk
If you want to splurge on something extra-luxurious, silk bedding can be a great choice. The natural material is smooth, soft, durable and breathable, inarguably the Queen of fabrics. 
Romantic, Practical and Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her and Him

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to start brainstorming gift ideas and special events. We have put together this gift guide to help you generate ideas for a true Valentine's Day surprise! 

Tips for Decluttering Your Home for Peace of Mind
Decluttering is a popular goal these days, but it can be hard to get excited about it. Your decluttering task may feel endless, but if you can start effectively and use the right tools for a set amount of time, you can make terrific progress.
The Cost of Packaging and Marketing Materials

The excitement after receiving and unboxing a parcel is the real deal. As you open the parcel, you see layers of packaging as a protective film between the products. You ignore (as we all do) and discard them in the trash can. But did you know that the piled-up packaging in the trash can comes at a cost, both financially and environmentally?


2022 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Self-Care
We love New Year’s resolutions, because goals help us stay organized and sail through the new year. Execution, however, can take some efforts. To minimize the chance for failed resolutions, we write down our favorite resolution ideas in a very specific and cue-based way. Hope you’ll find them useful.
How To Choose The Right Comforter?
When choosing the right comforter, one should review its weight, quality, filling, stitching, etc thoroughly. An ideal comforter should provide proper warmth and is well-seamed for longer durability. This blog post is created to help you find the right comforter.
How To Care For Velvet Fabric

Velvet is beautiful but often requires special care to avoid crushing and keeping it from tarnishing. So, we've compiled this expert guide to velvet caring. Be it a bedsheet or fashionable clothing; this guide is sure to help retain velvet's beauty and shape.

Are You Getting Real Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo bedding comes with a wide range of options and prices. As consumers the last thing we want is to pay a fair amount for fake products. To avoid getting fake bamboo products, we created this guide to help you identify fake bamboo bedding. 

How to Mix and Match Pillows and Find the Right Insert
Throw pillows are a quick and affordable way to spice up the décor of any room. But decorating with pillows is an art, and there are some tricks to help achieve the expected results. We’ve compiled some tips and ideas to mix and match pillows for that dreamy look. 
7 Tips for Beauty Sleep
A good night's sleep not just relaxes your body and mind, it also offers healthy, glowing, and youthful skin. In fact, sleep is a magically powerful beauty treatment. This article introduces some proven tips for getting enough and more beauty sleep, such as pre-sleep skin and hair care, using appropriate bedding products, the ideal sleep position and more. Sleep tight, wake up glowing!
A Calming Night Routine

Good quality sleep is vital for physical and mental wellbeing. So, it's important to create an ideal night routine that re-energizes you for tomorrow. After mental overdrive throughout the day, a calming bedtime routine can help you focus on what’s the most important – YOURSELF! Here is an effortless step-by-step process to get started.

How To Care For Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo bedding is incredibly soft and luxurious. The material has inherent hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, making them great for a safe and sound sleep. But to prolong its lifespan, proper cares for the bamboo sheets are indispensable. Here are some useful tips on caring for bamboo bedding. 

8 Bedroom Organization Tips
A well-organized bedroom gives a sense of relaxation, peacefulness and privacy. It makes a perfect sanctuary where you can rest after a long hectic day. Fortunately, it is easy to keep your bedroom tidy, organized and decluttered. Here are some useful bedroom organization ideas you could try.
What Constitute Good Quality Sleep
Healthy sleep is a sleeping cycle where the body can fully rest and improve its body systems. Healthy sleep makes you fully energized, and your body will function well as it was proven to boost your creativity, mood, and memory, but what determine the quality of sleep? 
2021 Fall/Winter Decor Trends
As you see leaves changing colors and feel the crispness in the air, it's time to welcome the fall season. While nature does the magic outside, you can create a cozy haven inside with the best fall decorating ideas. Here, we've listed below the prettiest fall-winter décor trends that are easy to pull but impressive.
Room Essentials for College Living
Every student is different and so are their needs and their packing checklist. But there are some room essentials that all students need in order to make their space feel like home, whether it’s a dorm or an apartment. Our college move-in checklist can make things easier for you.
5 Best Indoor Houseplants
Haven't you've heard that working from home can be made less stressful by adding new indoor houseplants to your home? They're a simple way to liven up any environment, and they come in a variety of sizes, types, styles, and hues. Here are the 5 common yet best indoor houseplants that suit your home. 
10 Tips To Get Better Sleep At Night
Getting a night of better sleep is an easy task to plan but hard to apply and maintain. There are various factors why it is so hard to use and maintain a better sleep quality; some need to adjust to end this habit slowly. In this article, we introduce 10 easy tips for a better sleep. 
5 Tips to Create a Calm Bedroom
Your bedroom is your entirely private sanctuary where you spend time regenerating, refreshing, and intimating. So how to make your bedroom feel more soothing?