Our Story

Many of us share the passion for decorating and making bedrooms extra-cozy. After all, it is our sanctuary, a place to rest, regenerate and hang out. When looking for products for our space, we love things that are high-quality, chemical safe, sustainable and ethical.

However, there is a dilemma that sustainable and premium products are often far more expensive than their regular counterparts.High price tags have kept sustainable products exclusive and prestigious, which makes it difficult for consumers to make purchasing decisions.

By optimizing supply chain and charging a fair margin, our goal is to make sustainable and premium products more affordable, making it less a struggle when it comes to deciding between sustainable and regular options. 

Meet The Founder

Prior to Aeptom, I was in a completely different industry and was a consumer that loved shopping for textiles and home decor. I believe in the story that sleep is invaluable and was willing to spend a small fortune to treat myself with nice beddings. However, upon speaking with friends from the textile world, I learnt that premium bedding made from sustainable materials needs not to be that expensive. 

Since founding Aeptom, I have devoted myself to learning and developing fabrics made with different specifications. We apply the findings from past experience, and work closely with mills to create fabrics and bedding that represent luxury-grade quality, while with a reasonable price tag. I hope you'll enjoy our bedding!    

Eden, Founder

Our Approach

Hey, welcome to Aeptom! Our name Aeptom was inspired by the word "epitome", which means that quality always sits in the center of our operations. For our collections, we dig deep during the product development phase to understand the variables that underpin exceptional quality, and apply the findings to create quality products.

Working directly with raw material suppliers and manufacturers, we are able to save costs by cutting out the middlemen and forming a more efficient supply chain. These together with a reasonable profit margin that we impose, allow us to offer sustainable and top-quality products at a reasonable price. 

Contact us

Email: info@aeptom.com

Chat on Etsy: Aeptom

Via social media: @aeptomhome

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