10 Tips To Get Better Sleep At Night

G etting a night of better sleep is an easy task to plan but hard to apply and maintain. There are various factors why it is so hard to use and maintain a better sleep quality; some need to adjust to end this habit slowly.

Getting a night of better sleep is an important thing we must consider for our body to get the recommended rest we need to revitalize ourselves from tiring and stressful days.

Here are some tips to get better sleep. 

01. Increase bright light exposure during the day

Sunny light exposure during the daytime gives you an outstanding result and encourages your body clock to wake up at a specific time.

Bright light is essential as it will energize you and help you be aware of the right time you should wake up. The bright light during the day makes the sleeping quality efficient by 80 percent.

02. Reduce blue light exposure in the evening

Blue light exposure is beneficial for you during the daytime but not during the evening. Blue light exposure gives you a degrading effect and would be the number 1 enemy in getting better sleep.

Ensure not to engage or prevent getting in touch with blue light exposure such as computers and smartphones to tolerate you from getting radiation.

03. Don't consume caffeine late in the day

Consuming caffeine beverages in the latter part of the day can disrupt you from getting a better sleep quality. Caffeine encourages your brain to function but hard on your part to sleep. When taking caffeine, be sure not to drink it during the latter part of the day as it will help you get and maintain the sleeping quality.

04. Exercise during the day

Regular exercise does not just recharge your body or encourage blood circulation; it can also improve your health status and sleeping cycle.

Daily exercise helps reduce the symptoms of insomnia that will be hard to cure when adults have such a condition.

It is vital to have an early morning exercise or afternoon exercise. This will encourage the body to recover an active body during the sleeping cycle. Prevent doing exercise when you are about to go to sleep, as your body needs sufficient energy during the sleeping cycle.

05. Perform Breathing Exercises

Performing breathing exercises can help you get a sound sleep during nighttime. Here are some of the breathing exercises you may follow to achieve a better sleeping quality:

Bhramari pranayama breathing exercise

  • Deeply breathe in and out as you close your eyes.
  • With your two hands, cover your ears.
  • Place the index fingers above each eyebrow and the other fingers on top of your eyes.
  • Slowly breathe out through your nose. While keeping your mouth close, make a humming sound.
  • Repeat the whole process five times.

Buteyko breathing

  • For 30 seconds, sit in the bed with a gently closed mouth and breathe through your nose naturally.
  • Intentionally breathe through your nose a bit more in and out at once.
  • With your thumb and forefinger, gently pinch your nose while keeping your mouth closed until you need to breathe again.
  • Through your nose, breathe in and out with your mouth still shut.

06. Keep in sync with your body's Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhythm is a cycle where the body follows a 24-hour work period. The circadian Rhythm is a day-to-day schedule where the body follows the right time in waking up and sleeping.

Here are the following tips on keeping your body's Circadian Rhythm in sync:

  • Follow the proper sleep schedule
  • Exercise Daily
  • Expose yourself from the natural light
  • Take only a short nap
  • Avoid drinking caffeine beverages during the late part of the day
  • Limit blue light exposure during nighttime

07. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils. This practice is effective in achieving better sleeping quality.

The following herb is an effective essential oil to get the recommended sleep:

Lavender: This soothing and aromatic herb is an effective one to relax your mind. Applying lavender essential oils before sleeping can help relax the mind and ease the mood.

Bergamot: The bergamot herb is an effective essential oil to improve your mental health and lowers blood pressure. This herb helps achieve better sleep.

Chamomile: Chamomile is a remedy that can reduce anxiety and inflammation. Taking chamomile essential oils can treat your insomnia.

08. Drink Bedtime Tea

BedTime Tea is an important tea to achieve a better sleeping quality. These teas provide comfort and ease of feeling, needed to be asleep immediately.

The following are some of the bedtime tea and their benefits:

Lavender: Calms the nerves and brain
Bergamot: Lowers your blood pressure
Chamomile: Reduce anxiety
Cedarwood: Reduce anxiety and prevent you from waking up too early
Clary Sage: Helps reduce depression and improves alertness

09. Optimize Bedroom for Better Sleep

  • Have a good mattress and bedding to sleep on.
  • Dim to no lights encourage you to sleep peacefully and without any disturb,
  • The room's air temperature should neither be too cold nor too hot.
  • Bright and Vibrant colors should be present in the four corners of the room.
  • Room should always be tidy.

10. Take a relaxing bath or shower

Taking a bath or shower before sleeping helps you to get earlier. A warm bath helps your body temperature to cool down, allowing you to sleep faster.