2021 Fall/Winter Decor Trends

A s you see leaves changing colors and feel the crispness in the air, it's time to welcome the fall season. While nature does the magic outside, you can create a cozy haven inside with the best fall decorating ideas.

Here, we've listed below the prettiest fall-winter décor trends that are easy to pull but impressive. Simple additions like adding houseplants to your living room, layered bedroom, and vintage touch throughout your home can make a big difference.

Choose Earthy Shades

Though yellow, orange, and brown are the standard colors of fall, designers are increasingly embracing earthy hues for the season. Earthy colors are nature-inspired warm shades such as brown, ivory, sienna, umber, ochre, maple, forest green, and burnt orange.

These natural tones lend a sense of warmth, energy, and relaxation to rooms because of their neutrality. You can team together different kinds of décor elements inspired by animals, oceans, and plants, with earthy colors. For example, you can choose a wall painting created using nature-inspired tones.

01. Layered Bedroom

While the bedroom is always a synonym with the term cozy, the snuggle level is cranking up higher for coming fall. Designers now emphasize adding layers of comfort throughout the bedroom with bedding made of natural materials. You may think of cotton, bamboo, and linen bedding complemented with two-tone decorative throw pillows.

Add a gorgeous and soft rug with a subtle pattern to evoke a calming effect in the bedroom. And, if you like lots of layers, add a throw blanket over the quilt or the couch.

02. Layer in Natural Elements

Nature-inspired home décor has been trending for a while and is here to stay forever. Natural materials add a sophisticated and timeless texture to any room and any data-style. They're super versatile, going equally well with modern and glam spaces as with Scandinavian and coastal interior designs.

The easiest, instant, and cost-effective way to bring natural beauty inside your home is to get some botanicals. The most popular houseplants for fall are colorful aglaonema, snake plant, croton, prayer plant, and anthurium, to name a few.

Rattan furniture is another trendy way to decorate your home for fall and winter. You can't get more natural and rawer than a piece of rattan furniture in a natural tone. You can pair your rattan chair with some pillows or cushions to add a unique texture to your space instantly.

You can also Decorate with woven baskets, ceramic pottery, jute woven pendant light, and a stone table.

03. Cozy and Natural Textile

Almost every designer will agree on this one trend in 2021 – soft fabric and natural textures. When preparing your home for fall-winter, you want something with a chic, relaxed and sophisticated but cozy feel.

There is a big focus on mixed texture and natural fabric like bamboo, cotton, and linen that bring warmth without needing a lot of colors. But you can’t forget velvet – the most irresistible texture for creating a fall-perfect ambiance.

You can mix different textures such as bedding, wool blankets, and woven poufs to cozy up your space instantly on cooler days. Make your window seat more inviting and warmer with throw pillows or a throw blanket.

04. Floral Walls

Dress up your accent wall with a floral-themed wallpaper. This simple but groundbreaking modification can really change the whole atmosphere of your space, making it more stunning and inviting.

Instead of dark and moody blooms, you can choose wallpapers with feminine, vibrant, and abstract elements. This will instantly change the entire personality of your room.

05. Vintage Décor

Between the farmhouse and eclectic modern designs, vintage décor is all the rage for fall 2021. Add something as simple as your grandmother’s silver candlesticks from the ‘40s. Dust off old photo frames, vases, or an old-fashioned table fan or a phone.

DIY an old dresser into an interesting wine cabinet or use an old suitcase as a vanity and towel holder. Look around for things that you believe can be repurposed into a vintage marvel.

If you don’t get grandparents’ valuables, you have got many other options. Convert a wooden pallet into an amazing shelf with herb jars or repurpose an old basket into a hanging storage space.

06. Stylish See-Through Room Dividers

Over the years, privacy and solitude have become important in our homes. As living rooms have turned into classrooms and offices alike, the line between home and work life has faded.

So, if you have a small space, you can use room dividers to stay organized while still enjoying privacy. Dividers provide a way to stretch your existing floor plans to meet the need of the moment.

You can use decorative glass or see-through room dividers that come in a wide variety of shades. Some other great options include a rattan room divider, foldable room divider, and room divider curtains. You can even go for an industrial bookshelf room divider to visually break up the room.

Bonus Tips

As the wind gets cooler, candles not only supply luminosity but also bring warmth and a welcoming feel. You can also use vintage lanterns both indoor and outdoor for a cozy fall touch to the entire home.