7 Tips for Beauty Sleep

A good night's sleep not just relaxes your body and mind, it also offers healthy, glowing, and youthful skin. In fact, sleep is a magically powerful beauty treatment.

Here are some proven tips for getting enough and more beauty sleep:

01. Develop a Night Skincare Regime

While a morning skin ritual protects your skin throughout the day, a night skincare routine renews and revives it. So, skincare before sleeping is mega important.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all regime, you should have at least a basic routine in place:

Step 1: Remove your makeup thoroughly using a makeup remover.
Step 2: Use a gentle cleanser to clean your skin off dirt and grime.
Step 3: Apply an organic toner to maintain the pH balance of your skin.
Step 4: Use a skincare treatment based on your skin type.
Step 5: Apply eye cream to prevent the aging signs, redness, and puffiness around your eyes.
Step 6: Apply skin moisturizer to protect your skin from water losses and keep it hydrated. 

02. Warm Bath an Hour Before Bed

A warm bath before bed helps to soothe away any pains and aches, making you feel physically and mentally relaxed. The heat opens up skin pores, thus cleaning them as damaged skin cells and dirt are gently wash away.

You can add essential oils in a bath for added stress-reducing and beauty sleep benefits. Bath oils are highly effective in improving skin function, and adding them to a pre-sleep warm shower can boost these functions while you're asleep.

03. Pamper your Mane

Your hair goes through a lot during the day. Sleeping with damaged, dry, and tangled hair at night makes your locks suffer even more. That's why a night-time haircare regime is crucial.

Here's the simple step-by-step pre-sleep hair care routine you can follow:

Step 1: Get a gentle 5–10-minute scalp massage to stimulate blood flow to hair follicles.
Step 2: Detangle your hair for an even oil distribution from roots to ends.
Step 3: Apply an organic nourishing hair treatment for moisturizing your mane.

04. Meditate & Deep Breathing before You Sleep

Meditation before sleeping helps create soothing inner conditions required for a restful night. When the mind settles down and the body is on rest, the blood flow to your skin increases. This means you wake up with healthy and glowing skin. In addition, meditation also eases stress and improves sleep.

You can indulge in guided mindful meditation as you jump in your bed to sleep. If you’re looking for something simple, deep breathing for 10-15 minutes also offers calm and beauty sleep.

05. Invest in a Quality Bedsheet

Bed linen is a key element to a night of great beauty sleep. Bedding causes friction against our face and hair as we sleep. This often accelerates aging signs and appearance of fine lines. Rubbing against rough texture can also lead to more frizz and damage in hair. So, it is often recommended to use silky and soft bedding made from materials such as silk, bamboo and eucalyptus.

Also be mindful of toxic chemical remains in bed linen and pillowcases, as they can cause skin irritation, rashes, allergy and other health-related conditions. It is highly recommended to always check the Oeko-Tex certificate for bedding to confirm its safety before using.

Bedding materials that possess properties such as anti-bacterial, mildew-resistant and hypoallergenic are also great options for beauty sleep, since bacteria/mildew buildup is one of the common causes of skin issues like acne. Many bamboo sheets have been proven in labs for having the antibacterial properties.  

06. Sleep on Your Back 

Side sleeping feels comfortable, but it can lead to premature skin aging. When lying on sides, you press your chest, face, and stomach into your blankets and pillows that pull on your skin. This often results in deep sleep creases and wrinkles and the loss of skin elasticity.

That’s why most sleep experts and dermatologists suggest sleeping on your back. It’s the best way to avoid wrinkles caused by skin pulling while sleeping. It also prevents your skin from exposure to harmful substances lurking in your bedding. 

07. Wear a Sleep Eye Mask 

Light can interfere with your sleep, thus keeping from a restful night that is equally important for beauty. So, one easiest way to block out the light and drift off quickly is to use sleep eye masks.

For skin-healthy results, it is best to wear a silky-soft eye mask. The texture is soft and would not cause too much friction to the delicate skin around the eye area. 

Bonus Tips

Use a humidifier to keep your skin fresh and buoyant. Invest in quality mattresses and pillowcases made from skin-friendly materials. Finally, turn off all electronics at least an hour before bed. Sleep tight, wake up glowing!